The Vertigo Verdon courses

As part of outdoor leisure activities, here is the list of circuits that Vertigo Verdon offers


A mix of via ferrata, via corda and abseiling, accessible to everyone! No climbing experience is necessary. We move on a rocky terrain equipped with ropes, serving as a handrail. The course is made up of numerous obstacles that we will cross, via a rope bridge, “Tarzan” rope or zip line…

  • The fox hole

    The fox hole

    50€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 12

    Set high up on top of the gorge, this course offers a unique view of the Verdon and turquoise waters. For this vertical hike accessible to all, we move on via-cordata technique. Various obstacles spice…

  • The Mainmorte ravine

    The Mainmorte ravine

    75€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 12

    A complete course waiting for this day. The descent of the dry and very steep-sided Mainmorte canyon is gorgeous : Handrail, small Tyrolean system to cross a basin and numerous abseils where you sink almost…


The canyoning activity in the Verdon gorges is a fun activity, sensations guaranteed at every moment… Swimming, abseiling, jumping, slides… for each obstacle, a technique is adapted to overcome it! An exceptional moment for a course in an aquatic and mineral atmosphere…a great way to discover the Gorges du Verdon! Full day or half day, beginner or sporty, from the age of 10, we will be able to guide you in your choices!

  • Balène Canyon

    Balène Canyon

    50€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 8

    A canyon initiation already has all the ingredients of activity: little abseils, slides and progress in a steep-sided stream. This half-day discovery course takes place in a real deep canyon where progress is suitable for…

  • Estellié Imbut Canyon

    Estellié Imbut Canyon

    80€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 12

    Magnificent descent, where we go through the most beautiful places of the Verdon Gorges. A progress in the bed of the Verdon, without use of rope, we let the current carry for a trip we…

  • Gours du Ray Canyon

    Gours du Ray Canyon

    55€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 11

    With family or friends, the canyon discovered by excellence ! In a very green environment, it is a water trail in a canyon carved, accompanied with small abseiling without difficulties. Jumps (for those interested) and…

  • Jabron Canyon

    Jabron Canyon

    50€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 8

    A beautiful canyon where the clear water has carved the rock of fascinating shapes ! A suitable progression where small jumps, slides and a path in a maze of blocks will delight children and adults.

  • La Ferné Canyon

    La Ferné Canyon

    80€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 12

    Suitable for any type of public, even beginner, wishing to spend a full day ! A progressive journey and varied to discover canyoning activity. The first part takes place in a dry canyon where magnificent…

  • Riou Canyon

    Riou Canyon

    75€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 14

    Overlooking the beautiful village of Moustiers, the Riou canyon is one of the “must” in the region. First part in a small narrow enclosed by high walls… we will clear this meander by a jump,…

  • Samson corridor

    Samson corridor

    50€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 8

    It is a refreshing walk in the turquoise waters of the Verdon : located at the entrance of the Grand Canyon, to discover some secrets leaving you float with the current. No special skills are…


It is here, in the Verdon gorges, that the most beautiful pages in the history of so-called “sport” climbing were written. A world-famous place, climbing is now accessible to the vast majority of us. We will guide you on the most beautiful walls of the Verdon gorges, in a unique atmosphere, from the cliff school to the long routes of several lengths.

  • Climbing school

    Climbing school

    50€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 10

    4 people minimum, otherwise half day at 190€, and full day 300€ for groups of up to 3 people. It is here, in the Verdon gorges, that the most beautiful pages in the history of…

  • Major routes

    Major routes

    180€ / pers.

    Age minimum: 14

    2 people max, price depends on the route.