Activité: Canyoning

  • Samson corridor

    Samson corridor

    It is a refreshing walk in the turquoise waters of the Verdon : located at the entrance of the Grand Canyon, to discover some secrets leaving you float with the current. No special skills are required, if only to know how to swim ! Small rapids and jumps of varying heights (but avoidable !…) will…

  • Jabron Canyon

    Jabron Canyon

    A beautiful canyon where the clear water has carved the rock of fascinating shapes ! A suitable progression where small jumps, slides and a path in a maze of blocks will delight children and adults.

  • Gours du Ray Canyon

    Gours du Ray Canyon

    With family or friends, the canyon discovered by excellence ! In a very green environment, it is a water trail in a canyon carved, accompanied with small abseiling without difficulties. Jumps (for those interested) and slides into crystal clear water, complete this beautiful descent ! The activity is suitable for beginners and children from 11/12…

  • Riou Canyon

    Riou Canyon

    Overlooking the beautiful village of Moustiers, the Riou canyon is one of the “must” in the region. First part in a small narrow enclosed by high walls… we will clear this meander by a jump, a small slide and a progression in the stream. Then we will reach the second part, very vertical. IHere begins…

  • La Ferné Canyon

    La Ferné Canyon

    Suitable for any type of public, even beginner, wishing to spend a full day ! A progressive journey and varied to discover canyoning activity. The first part takes place in a dry canyon where magnificent cascades of tuff enhance our abseiling. We begin with small abseiling to become familiar with the technique, then continue by…

  • Estellié Imbut Canyon

    Estellié Imbut Canyon

    Magnificent descent, where we go through the most beautiful places of the Verdon Gorges. A progress in the bed of the Verdon, without use of rope, we let the current carry for a trip we passing by the defile of Styx, until the final exploration of the famous Imbut chaos ” the Verdon Cathedral”. On…

  • Balène Canyon

    Balène Canyon

    A canyon initiation already has all the ingredients of activity: little abseils, slides and progress in a steep-sided stream. This half-day discovery course takes place in a real deep canyon where progress is suitable for beginners and children.